BTTR Photo Booths is the solution to your party entertainment! BTTR is live, interactive, visual entertainment that adds life to any party—from bar/bat mitzvahs and proms to weddings, corporate events, golden anniversaries and well….you name it! With our professional equipment, unmatched image quality and  expertise, everyone looks amazing in front of our lens (and has has silly amounts of fun!!).

We also use Groupon, Living social media to advertise our business,  Online Discount pricing does not reflect any of these packages. The Social media packages are a vanilla package that is a la carte with options..  Please ask us about our contract, we can explain every and all details about our Social media services. We want you to get the best value without paying the crazy prices…

Packages Available:

Wedding Packages: offer the best of, at the best price.   Our technicians are the best in the industry and our equipment is tried and tested over 150 events in the last 90 days. We stand by proudly by our staff                 and equipment to give you the best service possible. We want you to have fun making memories.

Wedding Package –    4hrs   –    $525                    5hrs   –   $600                      6hrs   –   $675

Why not a two or three hours service? Ever try to get a drink at an open bar, that is open only for an hour?  Congestion, when everyone is standing in line, congested, no one else is using other services at your                  event, be it DJ or bar. When congested everyone will only get one or two chances to try the booth, with a little bit more time, everyone will be able to use the booth as much as they want… A fair price for a                        professional seamless service.

All wedding packages include: 

  •   custom color backdrop – want to customize it? what your primary color? we have 26 colors.
  •   scrap book  -  We include a nice little table setup with glue and markers.
  •   unlimited pictures – 10 people enter, 11 prints are printed.  one extra for the scrap book
  •    3 sets of dvds of the nights photos,   one for the bride and hubby. One set each for the parents.
  •   120 props and 1 amazing technician - highly trained and make for a unique experience with their awesome personalities.

Guaranteed the best value in the COUNTRY!! 


              Fund Raiser/Non-Profit: Bttr Booths is a great option for a fund raiser of charity event.  Photo booth is a unique way to let people have fun while still supporting their local charities. We have an amazing                       system that ensures it benefits EVERYONE. Feel free to call us to discuss our Fund Raiser Packages

              School/College Graduation:  We are one of the biggest photo booth companies in the New England area. We can provide  be it 2 or 5 units to any event. Photo booths are a great way to allow people to                           utilize our services but at the same time, gives them a chance to bond and create new social connections.    It gives everyone a fun way to pass the time.  We want you to have fun making memories.