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Have I filled out the check availability form yet?

If you have, you’re on the right track. If you haven’t, please do so now on the check availability page. Once we receive your form, we will contact you regarding your event as soon as we can.

Do the photo strips actually print out at the event?

​Yes! Your lab quality photos print out within seconds for your guests to take home.

Will you do outdoor events?

Yes, as long as an appropriate electrical outlet is available within 100 feet of the photo booth (although 30 feet or less is preferable), and if weather permits. The safety of your guests is always our top priority.

What if we have 4 people in a picture, do we all get a print?

Yes. Unlimited prints option means a photo strip will be printed for each person in the photos. The photos are printed immediately after the last picture is taken, and presented to the guests within seconds after their photo sequence.

We have a custom wedding logo, can we incorporate that?

Absolutely! We love designing your photo strips to match your wedding and be completely customized. We print your logo at the bottom of every strip. We can also custom design a “logo” for you, a monogram, your wedding date, names, “happily ever after starts here”, etc.  We also customize the welcome screen, so as your guests enter the booth, they see a welcome from you that also match your wedding decor.

What is an “Active” open air design?

BTTR Booths developed the “Active” open air design based around a charismatic technician and the game of “Swap your Prop.” The prop table is placed inside the booth, and the technician guides the guests through a 4 photo sequence, with 15 seconds between each photo to “swap your props!”

How many people can fit in the photo booth?

The amount of people that can fit into the photo booth is dependent on the space provided. Smaller areas can comfortably fit 2–4 guests per group, while larger setups can comfortably fit 6–8 guests per group.

Are there any hidden fees?

Tax, travel and setup are included in our pricing, up to 120 miles from Springfield, Massachusetts. The only thing not included is gratuity for your BTTR technician.

Will the photo booth attendant be dressed appropriately in professional attire?

Our photo booth technicians always dress for the occasion.

How many props are included?  Do they get swapped out at any point during the night?

Approximately 70–100 props are supplied at each event. The props are disinfected or washed after each event, sorted through and new props are added as needed.

Can we bring our own props to add to the selection?

You and your guests are welcome to bring additional props. They can be set aside, or even be kept at the photo booth for everyone to use. Our technician will be sure to return if you require.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we have insurance. A copy of our policy is available upon request.

What does the guest book look like?

The guestbook is a hardcover scrap book with 10 removable, 2 sided sheets. We carry multiple designs and colors to compliment any event. Glue sticks, pens and markers are supplied for photos to be placed in the book along with well wishes for the guest(s) of honor. A premium scrapbook can also be added at cost which includes 20 removable 2 sided sheets.

Do you have all the cords, etc. needed to run your equipment?  Will we need to supply power strip, extension cord or anything else?

Our equipment requires just one 3 prong outlet within 15 feet of the photo booth for indoor events.

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